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Due to personal circumstances we are unable to despatch any orders until Saturday 18th August. You can still place orders on our website. If you are in the UK you can select Second Class Postage and we will send your order by First Class Post.

Company Notices


A new series of brass paperweights showing the designs of waterway company notices. These paperweights are made in a traditional foundry in the West Midlands, and are solid brass with a protective baize backing. The surface is polished to highlight the detail, the background is natural brass.

Notice - Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Closure

Notice - Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Closure

Rectangular and measuring 2½" x 4" approx.

Notice of closure of the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire canal between Ledbury and the River Severn on 30th June 1881under the powers contained in the Newent Railway Act and the Ross & Ledbury Railway Acts of 1873


Price: 7.95