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Game - Workshop of the World

Game - Workshop of the World

For a brief period the Industrial Revolution burned so bright that Britain was known as the 'Workshop of the World.' This Ragnar Brothers' game recreates that dramatic time.

Players establish their position on the map-board by investing in ports, heavy industries, textiles, light industries and crafts.

Canal networks are built to connect the thriving towns. Expenditure is vast, but capital gains are greater.

Next the railways are built and each player seeks to strengthen their industrial base. By game end, towns are linked from London to Wales, Scotland to the Channel ports.

Wealth decides the winner.

This game won the ‘Best new board game 2010’ award at UK Games Expo, June 2010.

Age 14 to adult, 3-5 players with a playing time of approx 90 minutes.

Click the image to display the board.


Price: 28.00