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Maps, guides, books, DVDs, brass plaques for the UK's Canals and Inland Waterways

We stock the full range of Pearson Canal Companions; Nicholson Guides; Lockmaster Maps; Heron Maps; brass plaques and many other items you need to plan and remember your time on your boat.

The Canal Shop Company

The Canal Shop Company was established in 1999 and specialises in items for the inland waterways of the UK, with items such as books and DVDs for the days when you are not boating, maps and guides to help with the planning of the current or next visit to the waterways, oval brass plaques to collect to remind you of the canals, rivers, junctions, lock flights and places that you have visited.

There are gifts and souvenirs for yourself and others, all with an inland waterways theme.

New ownership

Im pleased to announce that this website is now under new ownership.

Everything is now up and running. Payment can now be made by debit/credit cards and by PayPal.

I've also added a 2nd Class shipping option for UK orders.

Neil would like to take this opportunity to thank all previous customers over the past 18+ years and he hopes that you continue to support the new owner, Andy.